About us

IDEA – ENGINEERING – PRODUCTION, that’s the main slogan of the Martin-based company M-TEC, s.r.o., the important Slovak producer of the technologies for the wood processing industry. It was established in 2004 and since then it has underwent a dynamic development and it has gradually penetrated into the European market.

IDEA: The wood processing industry is based on the traditional ways of how to process timber. However the main goal of every sawmill owner is to improve and upgrade the production process to secure higher yield and efficiency of the production. The company M-TEC brings in new ideas, unconventional solutions und improvements of the existing technologies. The supplied conveyor systems and machinery help to increase overall effectiveness of the production. The final result of the reengineering is higher automatization and acceleration of the production, simplification of the hard manual work, decrease in costs on the workforce and subsequently increase in production. The advantage of the investment in new technologies is the decrease in the operating expenses and increase in gross profit margin.

ENGINEERING: The company M-TEC is proud of its own engineering office. The team of professional designers is working on the challenging projects to meet the market requirements on daily basis. The old technologies need to be reengineered and modernised to match the development in the processing of timber. The progressive solutions improve the functionality of the old traditional systems. The new concepts help to satisfy the demanding customer´s needs. Each machine is being designed in 3D CAD software Autodesk Inventor, which supports the parametric modelling so that the machine meets all the given functional and space requirements. The company M-TEC prefers this individual approach to be able to react quickly on every challenge and to put its abilities into effect on the whole European market.

PRODUCTION: The ideas come true in the production hall of M-TEC. The company relies on its highly-qualified manpower, appropriate technical equipment and long-term tradition in the machine building industry in the region. This also brings the possibility of cooperation with other companies specialized in different branches of the machine building industry which improves company´s ability to respond flexibly and individually to the specific requirements of the projects. The own production secures the quality of the products and guarantees that the conveyors and the machines delivered to the customers will have the required parameters and characteristics.

The scope of activities of M-TEC includes the complete production, delivery and assembly of the machines or of the complete technology lines. The commissioning, together with installation of the control system, measuring and connecting to the hydraulic or pneumatic systems are the implicit parts of the implementation. The company also provides the servicing, supplying of the spare parts or the refitting of the old machinery.

The main production activities of the company M-TEC are focused on the production and implementation of complex production lines mainly for the wood processing industry and the conveyor systems and machinery for other industrial applications to meet the challenging requirements of the market. The main production fields are divided in 5 product lines:

  • GREEN LINE  - Conveyors for log transport and log sorting.
  • RED LINE  - Conveyors for sawn-timber transport and sorting.
  • GREY LINE – Glulam production lines.
  • ORANGE LINE – Conveyors for wood waste removal.
  • BLUE LINE – Conveyors and machines for industrial applications.

The majority of the machinery produced by the company M-TEC has been placed in the countries of the EU, but some of the products have been exported to Africa and Asia as well. Thus the company M-TEC supplies the complex solutions for the mechanisation for the whole wood processing industry.